Mi 8 SE Review: The New Mid-Range Budget King?

The Mi 8 SE is controlled by octa-core processor and it has 4GB of RAM. The smartphone packs 64GB of inside internal memory capacity.

xiaomi mi 8 se
xiaomi mi 8 SE

Our Review:

        If you have been following our website, you already know that we have acquired the Mi 8 SE from China, which is slated to release in India in July with the moniker Mi 8i. We have been testing the device for quite a few days now and we are ready to give our assessment to our readers. So, if you were wondering as to whether you should wait for the Mi 8 SE . In this article, we are going to test the Mi 8 SE’s performance, camera, build quality, and more to see if the smartphone is worth the wait or not. We are going to answer all your questions about Xiaomi’s latest mid-range offering as we conduct our full review of the Mi 8 SE:

Mi 8 SE Specifications:

Before we get to the review itself, let us first check out Mi 8 SE’s specifications to see what the smartphone has to offer on paper. In the table below, you will find everything that you need to know about the Xiaomi Mi 8 SE.

Plan and Build Quality:

     With regards to the plan and fabricate quality, I feel that Xiaomi has thumped it out of the recreation center with the Mi 8 SE. Albeit some may feel that it's a duplicate of iPhone X's plan, when you take the gadget in your grasp, you will realize that it's definitely not. Aside from the vertical camera situation at the back, the telephone is completely extraordinary. It includes to a greater degree a blocky plan which is very unique in relation to the adjusted outline brandished by the iPhone X. I adore the close by feel of the gadget as it feels pleasant and tough.

About Display:

My most loved component about the Mi 8 SE is its huge 5.88-inch Super AMOLED show which has a determination of 1080 x 2244 pixels, giving it a pixel thickness of around 423 PPI. I cherish OLED shows as they give you genuine blacks with punchy hues and favor it over IPS boards quickly. That is the reason I am happy to the point that Xiaomi ran with an OLED show for its Mi 8 SE. I mean the show on this thing looks completely excellent. There's a huge amount of difference and hues, content looks crisps, and pictures and recordings simply fly out.
An additional favorable position of utilizing an OLED show is that they are useful for battery life particularly on the off chance that you are utilizing the dim topic yet more on that later. At the present time, all you have to know is that Mi 8 SE packs the best show I have found in its value range and you won't be disillusioned with this one. All things considered, there is one thing that may irritate a few clients and that is the score at the best. Actually, I loathe scored shows, in any case, I can reveal to you that once you utilize an indented cell phone for a couple of days, it simply doesn't make a difference.

User Interface:

        In the event that you have ever utilized a Xiaomi cell phone previously, you realize what you are getting with the Mi 8 SE. It's not clear yet, but rather most presumably when the Mi 8 SE dispatches in India, it will dispatch with MIUI 10 locally available which will bring a huge amount of upgrades over its ancestor, the MIUI 9. At any rate, in any case the adaptation of MIUI you are getting, you are in for a comparative ordeal. On the off chance that you have utilized MIUI previously and are content with it, you will content with the Mi 8 SE, nonetheless, on the off chance that you don't care for the MIUI, Mi 8 SE won't alter your opinion about it.


       The Xiaomi Mi 8 SE is world's first telephone which is running on the Snapdragon 700 arrangement of processor and it's a truly major ordeal. As per the Qualcomm, the 700 arrangement processor was produced to cross over any barrier between their mid-level 600-arrangement processors and top of the line 800-arrangement processors. The new Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 chipset which is stuffed inside the Mi 8 SE is based on the organization's most recent 10nm engineering and it carries a huge amount of changes with execution being only one of them. Aside from enhancing gadget execution, the 710 chipset additionally brings highlights like on-gadget AI bolster, enhancements to the camera, and power proficiency. Every one of these things imply that while you may just observe a 10-15% over the 600-arrangement, the processor itself is more quick witted and more effective.

Mi 8 SE gaming:

          In everyday use, the Mi 8 SE never felt like a moderate gadget and I tossed everything on it. From typical utilization that included calls, informing, web based life, and web perusing to doing bad-to-the-bone gaming with Asphalt 8 and PUBG, the Mi 8 SE flew through everything

Cameras we've seen previously 

       With its most recent lead, Xiaomi hasn't presented another photographic compartment, however has chosen to complete the work it began on the Mi MIX 2S. Truth be told, it has a similar twofold camera on the back that brought the MIX 2S into the discussion for having a standout amongst other cell phones for photography devotees.

         The principle sensor on the Mi 8 is a 12MP Sony IMX363 with a size of 1/2.55" (pixel size 1.4 microns). The focal point has an opening of f/1.8 and the camera highlights PDAF stage discovery self-adjust with DualPixel innovation and in addition a 4-pivot OIS optical stabilizer.

   The  second camera is 12MP, yet utilizes an alternate sort of sensor. The central gap of the focal point is f/2.4 and its size is 1/3.4" (pixel estimate 1.0 microns). The focal points have a central length equal to 55mm with 2x optical zoom, which gives you a chance to zoom with just a little plunge in picture quality.

       On account of these cameras, the Mi 8 can record recordings in 4K at 60fps and can likewise use slow movement mode in 1080p and 240fps. For correlation, the Mi MIX 2S halted at 30fps for 4K and only 120fps for moderate movement. The front camera steps forward, up from 5MP to 20MP. The central opening is f/2.0 and there are no different signs from the organization on what kind of sensor is utilized.

Enhanced programming improvement and AI usefulness

     In  the event that the Mi 8 has an indistinguishable photographic compartment from the Mi MIX 2S (at any rate on the edge), by what method can it acquire better outcomes? The appropriate response is programming streamlining. Xiaomi has completed a great deal of work on camera programming and AI usefulness. This will make MIX 2S proprietors cheerful in light of the fact that with the landing of the MIUI 10, the bezel-less cell phone will achieve an indistinguishable level from the Mi 8 as far as photograph quality.

   Here.   are a few cases of what your cell phone can do. In this first picture you would already be able to see an incredible shot with superb unique range that is enhanced by man-made consciousness.

       The  brightest hues and most obvious subtle elements in the overexposed and underexposed zones are the main points of interest you'll take note. The AI demonstrates that it can likewise enhance the shots caught with the zooming focal point, regardless of whether you contrast it with the Mi MIX 2S, yet there are no undeniable upgrades on the optional cameras.

       Tragically, AI doesn't enhance everything in your photographs. In this scene of Berlin's Alexanderplatz, AI made a decent attempt to enhance the points of interest, brights and shade of the articles "on the ground", which drove the sky to look to some degree consumed.

         The great things is that you can empower or cripple scene acknowledgment and AI modes with a solitary tap from the camera application, so you can take two shots one after another and after that keep the best one for some other time. It's a pity that it's impractical to spare both the ordinary photograph and the one prepared with AI.

Agreeable on all fronts 

      Generally, the shots taken with the back cameras on the Mi 8 were, sufficiently great so the Mi 8 isolated me from my trusty Pixel 2 XL, which I for despite everything one consider the best cell phone for photography.

        The dynamic scope of the fundamental sensor is wide even without the utilization of HDR mode. Self-adjust has dependably been quick and exact, and when I recorded recordings I saw less irregular developments when I changed the subjectof the photograph. The OIS hasn't turned out to be extremely successful.

   The   front camera catches a considerable measure of detail and even produces a fantastic bokeh impact in great lighting, yet the grain ends up noticeable when the brilliance drops. Notwithstanding the bokeh impact, I found the light impacts extremely fascinating in the primary camera's picture mode

         At the point when the sun goes down, the picture quality starts to wane. Try not to misunderstand me, the outcomes aren't appalling and by and by I've seen cell phones from more popular brands do more terrible. Contrasted with the Google Pixel 2 XL, in any case, you'll see a lower level of detail and dynamic range.

       Furthermore one final little specialized note: you'll see a slight twisting because of the focal points at the edges of the pictures. Luckily, my associate Stefan (the leader of our photograph/video group and talented picture taker) and I figured out how to separate the issue, yet just at a separation from which you'll probably never take a photo. This is likewise the case with customary photographs.
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