Latest Technology Facts 2018

1) The Very First Mobile Phone Call Done In 1973.

  We as a all Know, That First Telephone Call Done From Graham Bell, But, Do You Know ? Who Did The First Mobile Phone Call ? Martin Cooper Who Is Employee Of Motorola Done First Mobile Phone Call In 1973.
    Martin Cooper : An Employee Of Motorola Done A First Mobile Phone Call In 1973. He Done First Mobile Call From Streets Of New York City. Motorola Is The First Company To Produce A Handheld Mobile Phone. The Date Of First Mobile Phone Is April 3, 1973.

2) On 1st April 2005 NASA pulled a prank telling the world that they had found water on Mars.

    First April Is The April Fool Day and Everyone Like To Prank Their Friends On This Day. Not just Normal People Like Us, NASA Also Pulled A Prank Telling Found Water On Mars In 2005. This Was A Prank Pulled From NASA To Fool People On first April 2005. 

Everybody Are Curious To Find Water On Mars and Start Living On Mars Or Start Experiments In Future and Want To Know More From NASA. NASA Pulled A Shocking Prank To Fool Curious People and Make Fun Of Them On first April 2005 April Fool Day.

3) Wi-Fi Technology Was Developed By Failed Experiment Attempting To Detect Mini Black Holes.

 Wi-Fi Is The Technology Help Us To Share Data Connection With Other Devices From Router Or From Mobile Hotspot & This Will Help Us To Share Connection With Other People. But, Do You Know ‘How The Wi-Fi Discovered ?’ Wi-Fi Invented By Scientist From A Failed Experiment Attemp To Detect Mini Black Holes.
Australian Scientist Attempting Experiments Detecting Exploding Mini Black Holes The Size Of An Atomic Particle. Wi-Fi Invented In 1992 and 1996. CSIRO Obtained Patents For A Method Letter Used In “Wi-Fi” To ‘unsmear’ The Signal.

4) The First Banner Advertisement On Website Was introduced In year 1994.

 Oct. 27, 1994: Web Gives Birth to Banner Ads. __1994:, at that point known as HotWired, develops the web flag promotion. Proceed, point the finger at us. The Mosaic program was simply transforming into Netscape in 1994.

5) The Apple || Had a Hard Drive Of Only 5 Megabytes When It Was Launched In June 1977.

 The Apple II was one of the longest running mass-created home PC arrangement, with models underway for just shy of 17 years.

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