Top 5 Android Tricks That you will shock you

Here are some best Android Tricks You Will Love To Do On Your Smartphone which will help you to secure your phone,improve your performance and amaze you.

Top 5 Android Tricks
Top 5 Android Tricks

5 Android Tricks You Will Love To Do On Your Smartphone

1) End the call from Power Key:-

These Android Tricks are likewise extremely useful for all Android clients since this can end the call you're doing with Power Key.
Top 5 Android Tricks

At times we need to confront a period when the Android telephone's Censor does not work appropriately, its light does not consume, and we experience issues in ending the call or for reasons unknown you can not utilize the screen time. At that point this trap turns out to be a great deal of work.
Check This:-

There is additionally a basic answer for this issue, Power catch with the goal that you can end the call by squeezing it when the call is finished. Default This setting is off, so first, you need to turn it on.
To do this you have to go to your Android phone go to Settings> Accessibility>Power Button Ends
This feature will start working on your phone.

2) Clear App Defaults:-

It's irritating when a connection opens in a specific application as opposed to in the program. It could be a YouTube interface, a tweet, or a Facebook page — you'll wind up sticking around while your telephone close down Chrome (or your program of decision) and flames up something different.
It's can be easily Fixed.
To do this Go to Settings> Apps> find that app which you have to do open that app scroll down to Open by Default,press it and then select Clear Defaults.
If that doesn't work, try doing the same with your browser apps as well.
Top 5 Android Tricks

3) Prevent nosy people from looking through your phone:-

Your phone  is loaded with full of personal information and data and . It's only natural to feel a anxious when someone else has all of that information in their hand."Screen Pinning" is the option that gives you piece of mind when handling your phone.

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someone else.  It enables you to "stick" an application so it's impossible for somebody to leave that application and take a gander at other stuff on your telephone. No one but you can unpin the application.

To do this Go to settings>Security>find Screen pinning or Screen Pin turn it on and also make sure to enable the screen loack option

4) Locate and your lost or stolen phone:-

Losing your phone is one of the worst things that can happen. These gadgets contain touchy data and private information. In the event that your phone falls into the wrong hands it could place you stuck in an unfortunate situation. There are applications you can download to help in case of a lost phone, however with the goal for them to work you need them introduced before something awful happens. Fortunately there is a worked in approach to locate your lost telephone and even wipe the majority of your own information.

  • Select your phone from the menu

  • Now you can see the location, ring it, lock it, or erase it

5) Android Tricks – Do not disturb mode:-

This feature is very good if you playing online game or have any necessary are working or so are the mode of use and then you have any disturbance will not because your phone just cool gets.

To do this setting > sound & notification on click and do not disturb the option to select to on.

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