10 Tips Before Buying Online Smartphones

    Smartphone brands partner with Flipkart, Amzon or other e-commerce websites to sell their smartphones. E-commerce websites offer attractive discounts, cashbacks and exchange offers on the purchase of these smartphones on their platform.

E commerce
E commerce

         Many customers like to buy smartphones on EMI as this makes it easy to repay the price of smartphones in many parts. So if you are thinking of buying smartphones from e-commerce websites on EMI, then we are going to tell you 10 things that you should keep in mind ...

1. If there is no exclusive partnership between the e-commerce website and the smartphone brand, the prices of the same smartphone can be different on different websites. So, before buying on your favorite smartphones like Amazon India, Flipkart, PaytM and TataClick, check the differences in their prices before buying them and then buy them according to your budget.

2.  E-commerce websites offer multiple types of attractive offers by associating with different banks with the same smartphones. So choose the best offer to buy your favorite smartphone.

3. E-commerce platforms are now selling old or used smartphones with new models. Many times it happens that you are impressed by seeing low prices and sitting by clicking on the 'buy' button. So before purchasing any product, check to see if the smartphone is already used.

4. Identifying the specifications of smartphones on the e-commerce website is a bit difficult. Many times the e-commerce website shows the wrong product deetel. Before buying a smartphone, verify the specification of the smartphone from the brand's official website.

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5. Most e-commerce websites offer exchange offers for the latest smartphones on their platforms. Although such exchange deals are not profitable for every customer, but such deals are often very great.

6. Before avoiding any malfunction in the future, carefully review the terms and conditions of the Return and Refund Policies before buying your favorite smartphone.

7. Different vendors give separate delivery time according to the demand and availability of the smartphone. There is also the option of 'fast-pad delivery'. Therefore, before ordering the smartphone, thoroughly check the delivery time of the smartphone.

8. Before purchasing a smartphone online, check its warranty details on the handset. Carefully read the rules and conditions related to it.

9.  If a smartphone is selling on Amjon India or Flipkart, it does not mean that it is an official cellar. Many e-commerce players permit third-party vendors to sell their smartphones on their platform. So read the reviews of Sellers before buying the phone.

10. Before buying a phone, read the company's Service Center and Policy well after the Verify Review and Sale of the users. There are times also that the full warranty does not cover the repair cost. Therefore, check these policies very well first.
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